Quality Policy

Movetainer is a company operating in the logistics sector, committed to the quality of service and operations, the protection of the environment, health and safety of employees, safety of operations, assets and information, takes over with its employees, suppliers, customers and society the following commitments, framed in the context in which it operates and which support its strategic orientation:


Movetainer ensure the expectations and needs of customers, with equipment, technology and services that comply with applicable requirements, including contractual ones.


Movetainer act in the prevention of environmental impacts associated with operations, including in the transportation, loading, and unloading of products. Minimize all forms of air pollution, water courses and soil, avoiding any damage to the natural environment caused by our activities or by subcontractors. Reduce the impact of our activity using environmentally friendly technologies that reduce the emission of pollutants. Promote the training and environmental awareness of our employees and those who work on our behalf, including transporters and other suppliers

Health and security

Movetainer identifies the risks of the activities, establishing the appropriate preventive and protective measures, according to legal requirements, recommendations from official entities and other interested parties. Provide continuous improvement of working conditions and environment, promoting good practices in partners and subcontractors.

Property Security

Movetainer applies operational practices that guarantee the integrity of people and properties, including partners and subcontractors.

Cyber Security

Movetainer identifies potential dangers and risks, establishing effective control measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Minimize the interruption of operations and the leakage of information to unauthorized entities, generating confidence in customers, employees, and subcontractors.

Employee and subcontractor Development

Provide the skills for improving personal and professional performance, as well as training, informing, and raising awareness among employees in the fields of this policy. Promote and enforce the principles of the Behavior Based Safety program in accordance with CEFIC / ECTA guides, including integrated transport employees.

Quality Management

Movetainer improves performance through the definition and monitoring of objectives consistent with this policy and, if possible, measurable. Ensure compliance with the requirements applicable to the activity and in the areas mentioned above. Promote mutually beneficial relationships and their longevity with customers, subcontractors, and other interested parties.


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